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Prices For SEO

Every SEO campaign for website optimisation is different. The pricing depends on the following:

The number of keywords and key phrases and how many websites are competing for these search terms.
Competition for a keyphrase such as “tyres” turns up over 25 million page results, to get a 1st page listing for that keyword would require a website with 500+ pages, fresh content weekly and a fair amount of backlinks too. if you localised the keywords to “london tyres” the competition is down to under 4 million, localised even more to “blackheath tyres” and we are down to less than 24,ooo competing websites. Optimising a website for a key phrase such as blackheath tyres is going to be a lot easier to accomplish and cheaper too as we may be able to get you on the first page swiftly with as few as 15 pages.

At 15 pages we estimate a one off price of £1000 To include new domain name, web hosting, website in WordPress optimised for your keywords and phrases, social network promoting and blogging, you will also get a website at Googles linking to your website and if needs be a Squidoo page.

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Some SEO companies charge a recurring monthly or yearly fee, we will only charge you for your domain renewal and the webhosting on a yearly basis of £30
If for some reason your website needs more optimisation in the future if the ranking drops, we only charge £50 per page as all your pages may not need seo?.
Your existing server capabilities may not be able to handle PHP and therefore we can not use WordPress, if this is the case we can provide web hosting over at least 3 servers each with different IP addresses.

The reason we use WordPress is that all the tools are included to enable you to add pages and content whenever you wish; say for example you wish to run a special offer or promotion, you will be able to login and create new pages or posts about the offer or promotion on the fly.

Nowadays social media is required to promote websites. Tweeting on Twitter and blogging about your services on, Delicious and Digg will help in associating your website with it’s content.
These social networking websites should promote pages on Squidoo and other Web 2.0 article and link bookmarking websites that link to your own website, these are know as backlinks, some of these websites allow search engines to follow these social media links and some have a nofollow link, both are good and you should try to attain a good share of each follow and nofollw links from other websites.
The reason links from most social netwoking websites are better than links from say an obsure website is related to the page rank [PR] that Google places on websites; Twitter has a page rank of 9 so a link from a website with a PR9 is going to be much better than a website with a PR0 or PR1

Please use the following prices as a guidelines:
SEO WordPress website and webhosting with up to 15 pages and blog/social media promotion £1000 one off payment (depending on keywords)
SEO to individual pages £50PayPal shopcart with an optimised page for each product from £65 per page.

For a quote on search engine optimisation for your new business or existing one, please contact us.
We get back to you within 24 hours.

Prices for Search Engine Optimisation

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