BOLDKING Razor Blades Review MTA2OTAZOQ Voucher Code

So there I was on Facebook and an advert for BOLDKING. I have often said to my wife that womens razors have advanced further than mens.

The major problem I’ve had with razor of all makes is that they get blocked up with stubble after 2 or three shaves. I don’t shave every day sometimes once in a week and I have very thick stubble.

When I saw the BOLDKING on Facebook it looked like the problem had finally been addressed and with flexible blade heads I thought I’d give them a bash. Well I’ve had 7 shaves now with the same blade with all lengths of growth and there’s no clogging and the blades still feel sharp and smooth on my stubble – Give BOLDKING a bash yourself and get a little discount too using the voucher discount code: MTA2OTAZOQ

A great shaving blade for a fair price. Order your starter set here with this code: MTA2OTAZOQ

Another good thing is that the holder holds the razor in any position in storage, I have mine in my shaving cabinet horizontally between the shelves.

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13 shaves in and still sharp and absolutely no blockage. I used to bleed under my chin with most other blades but not with this bad boy :)


Countless shaves with the same blade, more than 2 months of shaving on 1 blade and the shave I had this morning felt as good as the 1st shave I had with it – no clogging whatsoever.


OK so today is 27th September and I started using the very same blade about 17th June. Over 3 months of quality shaving on 1 razor. Todays shave I felt the blade pulling a little on my neck – still no clogging and no bleeding neck. The green strips are dis-coloured a little now too which is to be expected with over 3 months of use. I had a haircut today and I also shaved back my sideburns, no clogging. I’m going to put a new blade in for my next shave even though I probably don’t need to. 


So we went on holiday and I took my bag which had a new Gillette razor and blow me down it ripped my neck on both shaves.
Couldn’t wait to get back to my Boldking.

BOLDKING Voucher Code MTA2OTAZOQ Razor Blades Review